ICYMI: 3 New Features in 2020 Design V11.12

Even though V12 is coming (yay!), here are 3 great features that make it worth upgrading now.

2020 V11.12 has been out for almost three months, and if you still haven’t upgraded there are good reasons to upgrade now. It is a very stable release and has some great new features!

SketchUp pendant lights, with the LIGHT.OMNI inside the left one.

Omnidirectional Light

This little gem is a game changer when you want to use Cloud or SketchUp light fixtures. It adds a “ball-shaped” light source where you want it, which is essential for realistic lighting. After importing your light of choice from either the 2020 Cloud or the 3D Warehouse (https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com), go to ROOM_FUR–>Lighting Fixtures–>Light Source–>LIGHT.OMNI.

New Multi-Dimension tool


Have you ever wanted to dimension just a select few items, like an island, and get frustrated with the automatic dimensions? Well, the new Multi-Dimension tool is great if you want to just dimension a select few items.

Recovery Files

This actually came out in V11.11, but wasn’t properly heralded. Can you say unlimited-time auto-save file access? This means that you don’t have to blindly decide if the auto-save file has the right info. You can open it at your convenience. Simply click File, and the list of recovery files is right there.

So even though Version 12 is on the horizon, go ahead and upgrade now. The stability and features are worth it. Besides, are you really going to upgrade to the newest major version right away?

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